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hello all Sep. 9th, 2008 @ 11:21 am
im new to the community, i look forward to posting and communicating with you. hello!

HELP TWU STUDENT AND WIN CASH!!! Feb. 18th, 2008 @ 01:04 pm
I am posting this for a friend doing research around bisexuality. Please, forward this onto anyone you know that would be interested.... And no, this is not the same Ron Paul running for president.

I am a doctoral student at Texas Woman’s University and am conducting my thesis on what it means to identify as bisexual. If you identify as bisexual, are at least 18 years old, and are fluent in English, I would be grateful if you would participate in my on-line research study. All participants have a chance to win one of three cash prizes! The grand prize winner will receive $150, second place winner will receive $75, and the third place winner will receive $25. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential. This study has been approved by the Texas Woman’s University Institutional Review Board.

The study can be completed by going to the following site: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=G20Q18uhpMT4p4_2f9qADOUQ_3d_3d

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at RonPaul2518@yahoo.com

Thank you for your cooperation, as well as for helping shed light on experiences specific to bisexual individuals.

Best regards,
Ron Paul

Movie on Global Genocide+free tix Sat. March 24 @ AFI-Dallas Int'l Film Fest! Mar. 24th, 2007 @ 01:50 am

ATTENTION DFW FOLKS!: As you know, starting today (Fri, Mar 23) is the American Film Institute's 2007 International Film Fest here in Big D. A friend of mine, Jeannie Markarian, has succeeded in getting the 2006 documentary Screamers to be shown at the huge festival tomorrow, March 24 (against not a few obstacles). She has a limited number of free tickets to give away for the film.

SCREAMERS covers the Armenian Genocide of 1915 but explores further the human drive to committ genocide from World War I, through the Holocaust, up to Rwanda, and also tackles what's going on now in the Sudan.

JEANNIE HAS A *VERY* SMALL, LIMITED NUMBER OF FREE TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY TO SEE THIS IMPORTANT MOVIE. If you are interested in a ticket to see it, contact her at Jeannie Markarian, jmarkar@gmail.com, or phone her at 972-804-5630. (Tell her Oliver sent you!)

Again, VERY limited number of free tix available, call Jeannie at 972-804-5630 to see if you can get one, or email her at jmarkar@gmail.com. If the free tix run out, the $8.50 at the door will be worth it.

The movie's official website, with movie clips, is here: http://www.screamersmovie.com/movie_clips.asp

Welcome to Jesusland Sep. 29th, 2006 @ 07:15 pm
Hello, all.
My name is Sophie and I work in a bookstore in Irving. I come across a lot of really good literature (most recently "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins) in a day's work, and I'm rather picky in what I would promote. But oh, today I found a book which actually made me laugh out loud, which no book has done in a long time. "Welcome to Jesusland" is witty, wry, and just true enough to hit a nerve with most American atheists. If you haven't read it yet, go out and get a copy.

Oh, and Sam Harris' new book "Letter to a Christian Nation" is also out and should be left on buses, in hotel rooms and in airports everywhere, I think. I have to admit a certain excitement whenever someone buys a Dawkins or Harris book. Not that they numbers even approach those that buy Bibles and those stupid LaHaye novels...

So... hi!

KINKY FRIEDMAN AT TWU Sep. 25th, 2006 @ 05:40 pm

This Friday, September 29th at 10:30 am
Margo Jones Performance Hall, in the music building
-there is plenty of parking up and down Oakland Street-

Please spread the word... he is definitely the candidate for me! Find out if he is the candidate for you at www.kinkyfriedman.com.
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» Checking In...
Catching up on LJ interests, I've found some locals but
see this hasn't had any "action" since the early Summer.

Has everyone moved to another place?
» Not really atheism related, but who doesn't hate the KKK?


This coming Saturday (June 11, 2005) the Knights of the White Camelia Ku Klux Klan will be holding an event in Tomball Tx (outside of Houston, by Conroe and the Woodlands). For those who do not know, this klan group is what is considered "the Vidor klan". They have roots throughout South and Eastern Texas as well as Western Louisiania. The men that dragged James Byrd to death a few years ago were said to have had affiliations with the White Camelia group.
The group is going to be having an event at the Tomball Community Center that they are dubbing as a "klan history" and the importance of white survival program. However it is actually meant to serve as a recruiting drive. Their event is open to the public (unless you are not white and not of european descent), so that leaves some room for people to go inside and bring along various shenanigans. We are not certain as to what the cop presence will be like as of yet, but the event is open to the public, so they have to allow people into the building without any sort of invitation or the like. One of the main points of bullshit that goes along with this event is that the city of Tomball knowingly RENTED their community center out to the Klan. They have tried to say that under the guise of first ammendment rights they had to rent the building. This is total and complete shit, as well as a lie. Usually the klan and other such groups hold rallies on the steps of courthouses, or in national parks, where unfortunately their "free speech rights" are guaranteed. This does not apply to a facility such as a civic center, in which a fee was paid to rent the building.
Anti-Racist Action chapters from across Texas will be converging upon Tomball on the morning of June 11th in protest of the Klan being there. It is the primary goal of A.R.A. to actually shut the event down, or to keep the majority of the participants out of the building and off the property all together. While tactics will not be discussed in an open environment like this one, we do believe that it will be possible to make this event a failure for the klan without having anyone get arrested, and without actually having to come to blows with either the klan members or the klan members in blue (the cops).
There are going to be other groups that have a more "passive"plan of action who will be taking part in a permitted demonstration across the street from the community center. This is mentioned for those who might not be interested in directly confronting those people who arrive at the community center with intentions of being a part of the klan event. So there will be a variety of ways to which you can plug yourself in to the days activities. Don't feel that if you don't want to directly confront the klan supporters that you have no place at the demonstration. You are needed in whatever capacity that you would like to come and contribute yourself in.
Please come out and support us and show the Klan that they have no place anywhere, especially in Texas.

The Cleveland, Texas-based White Camelia Knights of the KKK will have a “Lecture and Exhibit” at the
Tomball Community Center, 221 Market Street, in Tomball.

Beginning at 11 AM, a spirited protest against the Klan will be held in the open space at South Cherry Street and Market Street, across from the Community Center.
Sponsored by United Concerned Neighbors; endorsed by Progressive Workers Organizing Committee and International Socialist Organization; Anti-Racist Action will be there, too.

Contact information:
one of many websites: http://www.progressiveactionalliance.org/
(832) 692-2306
(281) 935-9248
(281) 534-7638
(713) 775-2108
» Attention South Florida Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers, and Humanists
Our current members and I of the Broward Atheists Meetup (www.browardatheists.com and in www.meetup.com) welcome all interested in atheism, theism, freethought, agnosticism, humanism, transhumanism, state and church seperation (otherwise known as seperation of sturch), and related topics to our Tuesday meetings after 6:30pm. The www.browardatheists.com website has details on our venue, it is currently a pub, but will change when more members are acquired. We're already bulging at the seams with an average attendance of about twelve. No matter your age, beliefs, or preferences, we'd like to hear your opinion. Even the sternest Christians may come and present their thoughts, because if you really believe we're going to hell, we sure don't want to be wrong about the subject, haha, but most members are pretty confident about their atheism and agnosticism. I mention the invitation only to be open-minded. Anyways, we usually discuss religion, politics, philosophy, etc. but do not feel obligated to have to order anything despite it being a pub. There is no membership fee either, it is an informal event so far seeing how we have too few to be more organized, but we'd like to be! And we'd like to have enough people to start some activism and be as productive as possible.

Aside from the weekly Tuesday meetings, there are fun events such as campfires and beach barbeques scheduled. We sure would like to cooperate with other groups and more members to voice the rights and freedoms we and others deserve regardless of our beliefs and with your ideas and help, this can be made possible. The current goal is to eliminate the negative stigma attached to our labels by altruism and stoicism such as scholarships and good deeds. E-mail me with any questions or better yet, any one else you can get in contact with from the website to get a clearer understanding of who and what we are. We turn no one down and encourage debate, skepticism, and reason. The meetings are definitely worthwhile and interesting or else I wouldn't waste the little free time I have as a college student to invite any one else to come join the experience. If you are in the area and find the time inconvenient with your busy schedule, no hard feelings will be had, but at least sign the guestbook so we can know you support us and wish you could come. :-)

» Tori Amos--The Beekeeper Official Pre-sale Parties
Official Tori Amos Beekeeper Pre-sale parties to now take place in Dallas, Austin, and Houston Texas at the Hard Rock Cafes. Events will take place on Monday, February 21, from 8:30 PM until Midnight.

Join in the fun of trivia games for prizes (possibly some autographed goodies!), specialty Tori Amos drinks like Raspberry Swirl Margaritas and Sweet Sangrias, and the great party atmosphere of the Hard Rock Cafe while you enjoy the sounds of Tori's new album, The Beekeeper. Both the CD and book will be available for sale at all three locations. This evening promises to be a great time, so get down to the Hard Rock and see what the “BUZZ” is about.

For all the details including directions, drink prices and selections, and more go to http://beekeeper.torifest.com.

Brought to you by the North Texas ToriFest, Tower Records, the Hard Rock Cafes, and Sony BMG Music.

Raven Oak

P.S. Don't forget--spread the word! Tell your buddies! The more people, the more likely we get to do this again!
» Official Tori Amos Beekeeper CD Party--details here!
Official Tori Amos CD Release Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, Texas! (And possibly other cities--read on!)
Monday, February 21st 8:30 pm ‘til 12 AM

Join us at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas in the historic Cheese Club to celebrate the new Tori Amos release “The Beekeeper” and her new book Piece by Piece, co-written with Ann Powers. Drink specials include $3 Raspberry Swirl Margaritas, $5 Sweet Sangrias, and $5 Beekeeper Martinis.

Participate in Tori trivia, brought to you by the North Texas ToriFest. Also giveaways from SONY BMG Music Entertainment! Preview the new songs and be the first to pick up your copy of the book and cd from Tower Records! This evening promises to be a great time, so get down to the Hard Rock and see what the “BUZZ” is about.

Please contact Jeff at the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas at (214) 855-0015 or Raven at the North Texas ToriFest at (214) 437-2948. Or go to
for more information.

Details on possible parties at the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio parties are forthcoming. Stay tuned to the website for details.

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